Build your Adjusters and RN Case Managers’ confidence that they’re referring to an MSK specialist with a fair price and a good outcome

Since 90% of Workers Comp claims are musculoskeletal, it’s critical to tailor your network with high-quality doctors in Direction and Panel states, and even influence your claims in Choice states.

Developed by a practicing MSK physician, Modus lets you:

  • Compare the cost and quality of doctors from over 61 million annual patient claims
  • Search any MSK doctor nationwide by name, specialty, and CPT codes
  • Trust in a fully transparent system with verifiable quality and cost metrics

We have the software solution that can help your Adjusters and RN Case Managers build confidence in finding the best doctors. Stop the guesswork in finding quality musculoskeletal specialists by harnessing the power of our cost data and clinical insight.

Let us show you how we can make it happen.

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