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  • Clinical Evidence for Platelet-Rich Plasma PRP Injections

    Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a non-cellular biologic product that has been touted for the treatment of a multitude of different conditions, with mixed clinical results.

  • A Psycho-Anatomy for the Practice of the Unknown Greedy Doctor – Pay Gold for Gold

    Greed is a natural human impulse. Like many other human impulses, this one requires us to keep its wildness under control; otherwise, its consequences will harm everyone around us.

  • Orthopedists Data Confidence

    Data analysis is in the eye of the beholder, For the benefit of our clients; we processed CMS data for 183 Million patients and analyzed it with a clinical lens.

  • I Want My End of Life to be Like the Queen. And Not Because of Her Wealth…

    The best end-of-life experience would be to live as agile and vibrant as long as possible and be able to function up to two days before death.

  • Systemic Problems of Healthcare Fees for Service vs Capitation Payments

    Better care costs less because it’s measured, thoughtful, and well-planned to avoid harmful and expensive complications.

  • The Opioid Crisis: A Corruption Epidemic

    This modern-day endemic has been closely linked to the increase in opioid use and liberal prescribing practices by several practitioners.

  • Harmed by the Healer: The Dangers of Mindless Aggressive Care

    Almost everyone has negative experiences with healthcare, but few people are aware of how the dysfunction is done, and how to fix it.